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Holas Asadasd
Like a phoenix, you clear an aura of happiness, Wherever you are, whatever you do, you are present with me, When you stretch out your wings and enlightens me with your colors, I feel a joy unparalleled when I see you. Like a sun you burn everything around you, Nothing resists you, the ice becomes steam, Your eyes glistening leaves me speechless, I let myself slowly overwhelmed by your warmth. As music, you are the beats of my heart, I let myself be lulled by your arms, so sweet, so strong at a time, Your notes rise in strength and fall smoothly, Your rhythm becomes mine, you take possession of me. As a man, your power disrupts all laws, Your subtle and irresistible charm does not scare me, One wonders how nature could create once, The same perfection and so my greatest favor.
HolasAsadasdHolas AsadasdAsadasd Holas
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