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You are the air I breathe, the wind that caresses me, the rain that wets me, the sun that warms me, the star that guides me, the moon that illuminates me, my universe. The rose I feel, I touch the grass, the waves carry me to distant horizons, the sand under my feet leaving footprints to each of your passages. Your mouth wishing me your eyes that smile at me, your hands that touch me, my heart capsized. You are my nights and days, my dreams and desires, my strength and softness, my patience and will. In your arms I feel the most beautiful women, most loving, the sweetest, the one and only. In your eyes I get lost and I find myself. In your words I'm drowning in the infinite. Consider what is to be taken, give what to give, keep this desire, this love and this force for eternity, whatever happens. I loved you, I love you and I love you, your princess between earth and sun.
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