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Baby Me - Me as a Cute Little Baby
Time has changed nothing, I love you, Like new, first word, Life is not always the same, Sometimes silent, sometimes Splinters of laughter are linked And my eyes drown in your eyes, I forget that I was sad, I forget for the thousandth time The sky is still sad, The sun will not come. I just know that there The greatest gift here below, This great love that we share, You give me your life, This passion with age As the rose embellished. Despite the clashes of our arguments, Despite the pain of our lives, I love you to any minute, At least not the slightest cries, I love you because without you I do not know The bitter scent of a farewell, Because-as you decorated your hands My body, my ways and my places
BabyBabyMe-MeasaCuteLittleBabyBaby MeMe -- MeMe asas aa CuteCute LittleLittle BabyBaby BabyBaby -Me Me- asMe aas Cutea LittleCute BabyLittle BabyBaby Me
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