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They say I have an ego somewhere in the sky, but a submachine gun in mouth
You're being missing in my life, Who could by small chirping, Brighten most of my gray days, Giving me the strength and desire, You be wonderful of my dreams, Without which existence is brief, All my soul as lifts, When forms that word on my lips, These two syllables so pronounced, That my heart just resonate, Is other than you my "baby" This time I wait eagerly.
#myworld #mylife #iloveTheysayIhaveanegosomewhereintheskybutasubmachineguninmouthThey saysay II havehave anan egoego somewheresomewhere inin thethe skysky butbut aa submachinesubmachine gungun inin mouthmouth TheyThey Isay haveI anhave egoan somewhereego insomewhere thein skythe butsky abut submachinea gunsubmachine ingun mouthin Theymouth say
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