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Grime Stoppers, LLC
Philpot, KY 42366
Why Grime Stoppers is the Right Choice for Power Washing and Window Cleaning in Owensboro\r\nYou want a company that provides an all-around service and doesn’t miss anything. Here is the list of services that our skilled team delivers:\r\n• Soft Power Washing – stucco, brick, wood, stone, and vinyl require a high level of care. We have adequate power washing equipment for siding cleaning that can remove mold, dirt, and more\r\n• Rust Removal – rust is a great enemy of the exterior, but we know how to deal with it\r\n• Roof Cleaning – we are experts for all those hard-to-reach places \r\n• Window Cleaning – this is a particularly sensitive area, but we can make your windows spotless\r\n• Concrete Cleaning – this includes sidewalk, patio, deck, driveway, or any other concrete surface\r\nOur company provides services for both residential and commercial properties. We comply with special requests when it comes to exterior cleaning and make sure to always come up with a solution that will perfectly fit your needs. \r\nHere are some of the benefits of using our service:\r\n• Spotless exterior \r\n• Improved curb appeal\r\n• Maintaining the value of your home\r\nTop Quality Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Equipment\r\nWhen you need your property’s exterior power washed quickly and efficiently, you can’t afford to lose time on companies with inadequate equipment. The best pressure washing tools combined with the knowledge and expertise of our team guarantee that we will get the job done right and in the shortest possible timeframe. We are proud of our dedication to details, which is the reason why hundreds of clients are delighted with our service and use us over and over again!\r\nWe Clean Around Your Schedule\r\nAt our company, we are aware that time is money, especially for businesses. Our team is flexible and makes sure to work around your timetable. Not only you will be delighted with the service, but you will also be thrilled with how seamless the entire process of cleaning was. \r\nThe Importance of Honest Pricing\r\nYou want to make sure that the power washing and window cleaning service you get is the best value for money out there. Many power washing companies may overcharge for their services and fail to deliver. On the other hand, there are a lot of guys that are really cheap and they don’t have the experience and can damage your property with improper cleaning techniques. The experienced exterior cleaning professionals from Grime Stoppers are dedicated to your satisfaction. We provide a free estimate before we begin working so that you can rest assured there are no hidden charges. The staff makes sure to carefully listen to the desires and requests of the clients and comply with them in the cleaning process.\r\nWhat Areas does Grime Stoppers Services?\r\nThe company is located in Owensboro, and they travel about 45 minutes to nearby Kentucky and Indiana areas. The best way to check if they cover your location is to call them or send an e-mail. \r\n
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