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Evangelos Marinakis
There is plenty to tell about the life and career of EvangelosMarinakis. This businessman was born in Greece, in a city port called Piraeus that belongs to the municipality of Athens. Marinakis was interested in the shipping business ever since he was little. He ensured to get proper education and received his Masters’ Degree in International Relations in the United Kingdom.\r\nOnce he was ready, he followed in his father’s footsteps and took over a small shipping business. The education and business talent quickly delivered results. Today, Marinakis is the owner of a shipping corporation called Capital Maritime & Trading. The company has dozens of ships in its fleet and it plays a prominent role in the shipping industry. Both Marinakis and his corporation received acknowledgments for their achievements, including “The Tanker Company of the Year” and making the list of “Top Ship Owners and Operators.”\r\nMarinakis purchased one of the biggest football clubs in Greece, Olympiacos, in 2010. Upon becoming the chairman, the club secured seven consecutive league titles and they won the National Cup three times. In 2017, the Greek businessman also took over an English football club Nottingham Forest. This club is a former giant and European Champions Cup Winner but currently plays in the second-tier English Football League.\r\nMarinakis was involved in many match-fixing controversies in Greece. The authorities noticed irregular betting patterns in seven countries in 2009 and 2010 and the Greek businessman was one of the accused in the process. The trial began in 2011 and, in 2015, Marinakis was finally acquitted. He was also charged with being aware of arrangements that fans of FC Olympiacos should provoke riots on a third division match, but the charges didn’t stick. The next in line of controversies was that Marinakis entered the referee’s locker room in the halftime of the Greek Football Cup match his team played, but that didn’t hold either. In 2015, he was accused to be a part of a match-fixing network along with Giorgos Sarris, the President of the Football Association of Greece, but Marinakis denied all charges. You can click here to learn more on EvangelosMarinakis and false accusations against him.\r\nPhilanthropy is a significant part of Marinakis’ life. He provides €80,000 to maintain a museum in Crete dedicated to Nikos Kazantzakis, one of the famous Greek authors. Together for Children, Argo, and numerous non-government children charity organizations are also on the list of those that the businessman funded. When earthquakes hit the Cephalonia Island, the mogul donated €500,000 to repair local schools.\r\nIn 2013, the players of Olympiacos FC featured UNICEF logo on their jerseys. The club also supported many campaigns for blood collecting and international charities, such as the Steven Gerrard Foundation, as well as the Japan earthquake relief fund.\r\n
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