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Lopez on marine engineer sea ship
The report of a herd which he lived without care, Merely long a neighbor of Amphitrite: If his fortune was small, She was sure at least. In the end, the treasures unloaded on the beach The attempted so he sold his herd, Traded with money, the whole set on the water. This money perishes by shipwreck. His master was reduced to keep the sheep, Neither chief shepherd as he once was, When his own sheep grazed on the shore: He who had been Coridon or Tircis Pierrot was and nothing more. After some time he took a few profits, Bought wool beasts; And as one day the winds, holding their breath, Left peacefully address the vessels: "You want money, O Ladies les Eaux, He said, please, please, to some other: My faith! you will not have our own. " This is not a tale invented pleasure. I use the truth To show by experience A penny, when it is provided, Is better than five in hope; He must settle his condition; Sea as advice and ambition We must close our ears. For a lease in which ten thousand will complain. The sea promises bells and whistles: Rely on them; the winds and the thieves will come.
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