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Kyla Mendes 19 years from united states
Under the stars of September Our yard looks like a room And the winepress of an old bed; Intoxicated by the smell of the grape harvest I am seized with a desire Born of remembrance of the pagans. Go to bed tonight Both, in the press! Say, do this madness? ... Go to bed tonight Both the press, Margot Margot, my pretty! Among the clusters spread As a strewn petals, O my bacchanal! roll us. I will have the tough and frank embrace And tressauts of your white flesh Overwrite the soft grapes. Under kissing and biting, Our mouths and ripe grapes Mingle their generous blood; And the new wine of the Fall Will drip until tonne, Especially we would rather be! At dawn, in the enclosed courtyard, We will drink from pink wine Night Oeuvrée through our love; And in this case, you can believe me, We will have full ton drinking When will come the dawn.
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