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friend birthday
Having lived all those years, gone through all these trials The age where life is at a crossroads, age or suddenly becomes beautiful Hear your sweet voice, your laughter dripping in my dreams Your laughter flowing like a fresh trickle down my skin. Behind that laugh, I imagine your beautiful generous smile This finely tanned skin wrinkling by the seasons Announcing the past years, these small wrinkles around the eyes Font soften facial features and give that look so good. Your teeth bright white, like precious pearls Adorn the casket are these luscious and delicious lips All this forms the addendum air and those beautiful lips laughing Which for those who look to you, is the most beautiful offerings. You remember this: over the years coming slowly Each gave a smile, some happiness reached the heart From the viewer you, and you will notice that very often, Automatically, a smile will respond to yours, gently.
friendbirthdayfriend birthdaybirthday friend
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